About Us

Born in the artistic town of Ubud in Bali, Ayu Purpa has been immersed in an environment of art and design her whole life.

As children, Ayu and her siblings played amongst silversmiths and watched as their father’s artistic ability catapulted the family company to become one of the most successful silversmith companies in Indonesia.

Purpa’s designs were sold and seen in magazines all over Europe, thus becoming an integral part toward the Balinese craftsmen gaining world recognition for the quality of the silver work being created on the island.

in 1991, Purpa’s business was honored to receive the Upakarti award given by President Soeharto. This award is presented to companies in recognition of their contribution in boosting the country’s enterprises.

Unsurprisingly, both Ayu and her twin sister Ari’s upbringing has imbued them with artistic sensibilities – driving their passion for design. Together they opened a silver shop on the Monkey Forest road within their family compound, but decided they needed their independence for their own artistic hearts to develop.

To this end, Ayu has remained in Ubud and opened her shop IOU, on jalan Hanoman, in pathnership with her husband Sebastian Mesdag. Ari meanwhile, has created a gallery in Seminyak, which she has called Purpa to honor her family heritage.

Ayu’s upbringing has given her a strong sense of family, and when IOU opened its doors in 2009 she wished to bring that sense of family and collaboration to the business. Sila and Novi are the instrumental in daily running of the business and in the spirit of family, Ayu now thinks of them as sisters and has given them both a share in the company.

Ayu and Sebastian endeavour to produce beautiful and unique designs born from their creative spirit, the collaboration nature of the company and the mastery of local craftsmen. Although there have been many opportunities for the company to expand, they are committed to the Ubud community and to the personal nature of the company that staying local allows.